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Signature series for women is a cotton candy,
sweet fragrance. This fragrance was designed
to make sure your presence is noticed when
you walk in the room. You can use this
fragrance day or night.

8 reviews for Signature Series for Women

  1. Micky

    Top of the line perfume perfect balance of sweet and fresh scent. Definitely a daily wear.

  2. Melissa carter

    I like this perfume because it has a sweet smell and doesn’t give me headaches

  3. Sammy

    Honey chile let me tell you! This right here will have your pussy being licked on from the back 😋 you feel meeeeee! It’s Smells sweet/fresh i love it! Def would recommend.

  4. That bitch

    Yo this perfume is bomb asf! It sell like cotton candy and jolly rancher! My man could not keep off me the whole night! Lol TOP RECOMMENDATION

  5. roberta buckley

    this scent smells so sweet i love it

  6. Tamicka Morris

    This perfume is everything and it last all day on me. I love the smell. Will purchase again.

  7. THE bitch

    Just purchased on an absolute steel! Since then I’ve had 72 orgasms, 20 rounds of group sex, 12 threesomes, and I have broken 18 hearts. Would def recommend. I’m gettin those boys AND girls fallin for me, you what I’m sayin! BUY THIS you won’t be disappointed!

  8. Namojia Pagan

    This so far is my favorite one it smells so good.

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