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Purple Kush for women is a sweet, sporty
and elegant scent. This unique exclusive
scent will have you guessing forever what
the notes inside it are. You can use this
fragrance day or night.

8 reviews for Purple Kush for Women

  1. Paula

    Yoooooo!!! This right here smells so fantastic! I smell good, my car smell good. Everything smell good ya feel me?! I love to bomb my car with this after a night of hot boxing. I’ve been pulled over and complimented on how good my car smells by the boys. They ain’t even look at me or my vehicle twice. Stay fly- stay safe my good people.

  2. Kimberly J

    I found the Purple Kush Motivation fragrance in a quaint little shop in my home town of Leakey, Texas! Let me tell you the smell is AMAZING! I totally dig it. I can’t wait to order other scents to try. God bless and keep up the good work on the road to absolute success!

  3. Haileigh

    So my mom bought this from a guy in a van in Idaho back in 2013 and her and I have been using it since then. It’s literally the only perfume I use and it brings back so many great memories every time I smell it.

  4. Haileigh

    Love this been using it since 2013. I get compliments on it all the time

  5. Jaslynn

    This fragrance smells soo sweet and covers the smell of weed perfectly!!!

  6. Kionna Taylor

    This is probably my favorite womens fragrance and the neutralizer👌🏽

  7. Kionna Taylor

    This is probably my favorite womens fragrance and the neutralizer 👌🏽 Amazinggg

  8. Kionna Taylor

    Live this womens fragrance and the neutralizer 👌🏽 Amazinggg

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