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Purple Kush for women is a sweet, sporty
and elegant scent. This unique exclusive
scent will have you guessing forever what
the notes inside it are. You can use this
fragrance day or night.

9 reviews for Purple Kush for Women

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    Jennifer Early

    The moment I smelled this I fell in love. It is definitely an intoxicating scent. It smells wonderful and I love the name Purple Kush! It reminds me of DKNY Be Delicious.

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    This scent is fire. Definitely will purchase again 💣🔥🔥🔥

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    If you smoke garunteed to have smell bomb
    An keep the smoke smell away

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    Smells great and works wonders

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    It smells sooo good, covers any smoke smell I might have on me and the natural oils make it last all day.

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    Jason Morales

    Like dude if you your girl is a 420 girl my dude this would be the perfect gift if she doesnt want it to be publicly known that she smoke like if you wanna talk about a popin smell she would love this it neutralizes the weed and it smells great all at the same time and the smell lasts for about 9hrs but it may vary to other people

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    kiersten kline

    Thus perfume surprised me i never thought a perfume would be able to mask the smell of weed instead of leaving me smell like weed and perfume!!! i absolutely love it and it smells so good i definitely won’t be using a different perfume again!

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    Linda M

    I went to a kick back recently and had this bottle on me. I sprayed myself and literally four people right away were asking what that smell was. Everyone loved in, guys and girls. This scent definitely stood out and I’m going to need another bottle soon. It’s a light fresh scent that covers smoke but not overpowering.

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    Brent Culley

    Perhaps the best women’s fragrance! Kills the smell of marijuana and tobacco and puts on a nice herbal scent!

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