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Not for haters for women is clean fresh out the shower smell. This fragrance for women
is going to make your friends and colleagues
jealous they are not indulging. You can use
this fragrance day or night.

4 reviews for Not For Haters for Women

  1. Sara

    So I bought this from Buddy locally, and what an amazing smell. It’s a unique smell but smells bold yet fresh. My husband absolutely loved it, and so do I! It lasts all night🥰😉
    So glad I bought it, and will definitely be back for more .

  2. Skye Day

    A very nice gentleman gave me this in the store for the new year.. Smells Amazing, Hope the guy who gave me this sees this. God Bless You!!

  3. Jaslynn

    This brand is very unique. This smell definitely reminds me of Hawaii along with Love or Lies for Men. Would definitely recommend to other Islanders.

  4. See

    I was shocked, wasn’t expecting this scent to have so much power. Ordering the male version for my guy friend!

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