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This product has been known to have random women remove their panties. If this happens while wearing this fragrance, you do not need to consult a doctor, just spray more on and enjoy the moment. Brought to you by your friends at

Our fragrances are made with the highest ingredients in France. Due to Covid, fragrances may take up to 30 days to arrive. We promise it will be worth the wait!


19 reviews for L.P.R Liquid Panty Remover

  1. Bigdaddy

    This right here is better than the pussy Kat pill I put it on before I saw my mans n I turned my own self on

  2. Austin Tabor

    Very mellow smell and smooth af.

  3. J

    I had ordered this and never got my shipment! Total fraud ! Took my money and never delivered!

    • Eric Williams

      We ship thousands of orders every month. If you did not get your order you can email your information with your receipt number or order number and we will be happy to look it up and find out why you did not get your order. Using the email you have here I have no orders for it. You can contact us directly at I assure you we will make it right if it is our fault.

  4. Jay A Bradley


  5. Ashley Anne Schierbaum

    Best shit ever 10/10

  6. Drippie

    L.P.R is the dopest scent I’ve ever wore. After smellin it I stopped buying anywhere else!

  7. VeCrack Havok

    This fragrance is hands down or should I say panties down the best, the only problem is it doesn’t last long enough and the sprayer sucks after a week or show it doesn’t spray for shit, I will definitely buy again but I hope you guys figure out the crappy sprayer situation. But the sent is epic and 100% legit.

    • Eric Williams

      You could have a defective sprayer, call us next time!

  8. Jessica

    LPR Red is my favorite fragrance so fire

    • Eric Williams

      One of our favs too!!! Thanks!!!

  9. Jeff

    Ran into a few guys in Vegas 2 weeks ago they were polite didnt hound me to buy they simply asked if they could spray some on me and let me decide. The fragrance lasts for hours you can smell it on yourself but I’m not sure if others can smell it from a distance. If I had any complaint that is it but I love how it makes me feel knowing I can smell it without lifting my shirt to my nose. 3.8/5.

  10. Brandon

    Love it and my girl loves it on me. 10/10 recommend
    Will definitely be buying more

  11. Elizabeth

    Love the product

    • Eric Williams

      Don’t tell anyone but we love you too!!! ahhh who cares, we love our customers!!!! tell everyone!!!!

    • Eric Williams

      Don’t tell anyone but we love you too!!! ahhh who cares, we love our customers!!!! tell everyone!!!!

  12. Randall

    I caught a glimpse of this scent coming out of a convenience store in old D-town purchased the product immediately after! I would highly recommend this product very unique scent! For all the de stinked people out there! 🤔😌

    • Eric Williams

      Like just get some LPR already!!! haha. no sink 2022!!!!

  13. Johnny Browning

    The smell is great. I need more . I will be ordering soon.

    • Eric Williams

      You got it!!!! Thank you!!!!

  14. Mj

    My man wears this and let’s just say omg, it works. Smells so good. I constantly hug him just to smell him.

    • Eric Williams

      I am sure he loves that about you!!!!

  15. John Bemis

    Love LPR Red. Many compliments and look forward to trying your other fragrances.

  16. Jesse

    I just ordered my first shipment. I hope it shows up. I’m excited!!!

  17. Niyah Block

    its a real smooth smell it got a rich smell to it

  18. Ian (verified owner)

    Never recieved my shipment. They responded to my emails and said they sent another, bit it’s been 3 months and nothing had came. This is a total scam!

    • Eric Williams

      Ian, we show your order was delivered on Dec 7th. You can call our office and we can give you the tracking number.

  19. Coco

    I hope it works A++++

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