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Love or Lies for women is a gummy bear, jolly
rancher scent. It is the best of both worlds as
we mixed fresh and sweet together to create
this master piece. This fragrance will always
be one of your favorites to put on to spice
things up a notch. You can use this fragrance
day or night.

7 reviews for Love or Lies for Women

  1. Joan

    My ex-boyfriend got me this fragrance for Valentine’s Day. Though his ass is gone- I will keep buying this fragrance!! It smells so sweet but light. I can wear it around my family who is super sensitive to strong smells. I can’t wear much perfumes around her, she says I can ONLY wear body sprays but that shit don’t last. This love or lies perfume lasts all day with just a couple sprays.

  2. Nikki Harris

    Freshly moved to Las Vegas a couple was selling these in front of the beauty supply warehouse. I do not wear fragrances, but the guy said this one will be perfect for your daughter (13). We both loved it! This was in May and she just ran out and I will be purchasing a few bottles of other fragrances as well as this one again. Age appropriate for sure.

  3. Keonna

    I love this so much. It smells so good my babe can’t keep his hands off of me.

  4. Destinee

    Just purchased a bottle today. The smell of the perfume is amazing! Good thing too because I just ran out of my Mac Turquatic fragrance and this one is definitely in the running between my fave scents. Only downfall is the scent does not last all day but the fragrance makes up for it.

  5. Michelle

    Love this smell!! Not to over powering BUT still AMAZING!!

  6. Iris Vallejo

    Love this so much it’s my all time favorite

  7. See

    Can’t believe I stumbled upon this gem! Smells amazing, will be ordering again soon!!!

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