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Get Rich for men is a fresh, strong and sophisticated scent.
This fragrance will have you walking, talking and feeling
like a billionaire. You can use this fragrance day or night.



11 reviews for Get Rich for Men Pheromone Cologne

  1. Austin Tabor

    I love this particular fragrance, it smells so crisp and fresh. It last so long, just a quality product. The bottles are strong, I dropped it by accident and nothing happened to it, and the cap is really cool.

  2. Gunther Winfrey

    This thang go crazyyyyy

  3. Lateece

    Luv the smell bought from guy in iowa he tried to get me with price but its worth what it

  4. Levi Warrham

    Me and my family were in Las Vegas and out of nowhere the nicest guy approached us offering up this cologne for $40.00 which is crazy because it’s $90.00, so he started saying that get rich cologne had a chemist make it in Paris France which proves that this cologne is high quality and smells good. My mom also got perfume for half off and she uses it everyday and loves it. Overall 100% would buy.

  5. Zaytiggy

    Literally just picked this up at a gas station by my house, the guys had good catch phrases and know how to sell the product, definitely got me and I will be buying more when you guys are in Tucson again !

  6. Zadian

    Get Rich is the truth! I feel like gold bricks

  7. Cesar Ramirez

    Cologne get rich cologne!! Hitting !!

  8. Cesar Ramirez

    Get rich cologne !! Hitting !!

  9. Tamara

    I got this fragrance hands down best fragrance i’ve ever used only thing i’ll be purchasing this ever thing I need a spray

  10. Josh

    One of my favorites!! That fresh out the shower smell. My lady loves this one on me ! Preciate yall!!

  11. Brandonigus Boise

    Totally got laid immediately!!! The moment I sprayed this cologne on every milf in a 50 mile radius teleported to my exact location
    Buyer beware, bitches go crazy on the infused faramones 🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️💯💯💯💯💯

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