This Product has ingredients that are made to have the opposite sex well lets just say…GET EXCITED!!!

6 reviews for Formula X

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    It smells sweet on me and smooth/ citrusy on my hubby! Same bottle, different smell. I love this bottle.

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    Armani Walker

    This is my personal favorite unisex fragrance it was the first one I smell with the company and I instantly fell in love with it. I highly recommend this for either the guys or girls.

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    Denzel Rodgers

    This scent is bond to make heads turn and have everyone in a room trying to figure out what’s that smell because it smells amazing

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    I love sweet perfumes ! This sent with definitely leave your essences as your walking threw 💕

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    It smells good on my husband but honestly I’m not a fan of the way it smells on me. It only smells slightly different and we were told that it would smell way different depending on whether a male or female was wearing it and to be completely honest I feel like that claim is an exaggeration. It’s an ok fragrance but not my favorite.

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