LPR Red, LPR Black, Get Rich, Dream Big , Endless Pleasure

Liquid Panty Remover is a totally unique scent. Check the WARNING label on the back of the box for instructions, it will change your life.

Get Rich is a fresh, strong and sophisticated scent.
This fragrance will have you walking, talking and feeling like
a billionaire. You can use this fragrance day or night.

Dream Big smells like a fresh stack of
hundred dollar bills. If you like the way money
makes you feel. You will love wearing this fragrance.
You can use this fragrance day or night.

Endless Pleasure is a deep fresh
and sporty fragrance. Using this fragrance is
like taking the blue pill in the movie the
matrix. So just plan on going down the rabbit
hole if you try this fragrance. You might
wake up in the morning with a couple of strange
women lying in your bed. You can use this
fragrance day or night.


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