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It’s 4:20 somewhere for men is a fresh woodsy
scent. No it doesn’t smell like marijuana!
The unique exclusive scent will have you
guessing forever what the notes inside it are.
Great cover up fragrance. You can use this
fragrance day or night.

3 reviews for 420 Somewhere for Men

  1. Chris

    Some girl came up to me at the grocery store, seen my 420 friendly shirt and asked me if I liked cologne, I was like what the hell this crazy gal doing running around the parking lot asking strangers if I like cologne or if I smoke. When she came back she had this and another one I can’t remember what it was but she said not only is it a cologne but it’s car insurance in a bottle I died laughing. I had to get it because I mean she’s right and I support the hustle. Not only do I respect the hustle but I support.
    Seriously get yourself some car insurance in a bottle! Don’t be cheap and get them$5 shots from the smoke shop! Support our street hustlers and street vendors!

  2. Anonymous

    Smells fresh as fuck, pairs well right out the shower; bought one off off dude In a qt parking lot 😂definitely worth the money will buy again 👌

  3. Spinner

    Hate the smell of DRUGS but this is 🔥🔥 neutralizes amazingly!!!

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